[German girl who grew up in Mexico and did most of her living in NYC. Obtained a BA in Writing from The New School, and currently does her MFA at Sandberg Institute. While working with different mediums, such as video, she spends most of the time writing. She’s based in New York City.]

My interest roams somewhere between the process of experience and its immediate impact upon the conscious or unconscious. Emotional consumerism that tries not to end up in martyrdom nor narcissism. Tangible or not. Just need to be felt. Anything versus everything. BTW, do we still long for autonomy these days? The coexistence(s) of other selves within the total-self. Is harmony an abstraction here? Temporality is ever present within the body, fundamentally tied to its very ends. I’m glad these experiences are offline existences (these days my only ones?). Identity, I don’t know how I feel about this constant flow of image-making. To be honest, I’m tired.

welt.de (German Newspaper) / 10.2017 -  «Ein Körper, Schaumreste im Waschbecken, dazu ein kurzer Satz» by Andreas Rosenfelder